Documentation for cedar 5.0 (overdue oud)

Developers' Guide

Welcome to cedar!


Organizational Concepts

In these pages you can learn more about the structure and organization of cedar.

Programming Concepts

In the following pages you can find out about general programming concepts we used throughout cedar.

cedar's runtime type system

Much of cedar's power comes from its ability to allocate object at run-time, based on user-defined type strings. A description of the involved concepts can be found here.

Bug Fixing

If you want to fix a bug in cedar, please stick to the following process.

  1. report the bug in the issue tracker
  2. ask a member of the cedar development team to assign this bug to you
  3. clone the current cedar tip of the release repository if the bug appears in release, otherwise clone development (e.g., if release and development are affected, clone release)
  4. write or modify a unit test that fails due to this bug
  5. fix the bug
  6. check if the unit test now passes
  7. push the bug fix (and, of course, the unit test)
  8. resolve the bug in the issue tracker or ask a member of the cedar development team to resolve the issue for you

Coding Style

cedar sticks to a strict coding style.