The history and future.

On this page, you will find an overview of previous and future cedar releases.

cedar Moon Child (version 0.5, released December 16, 2011)

This is the first release of cedar.
Moon Child logo

cedar Purple Piper (version 0.9, released Mai 5, 2012)

Purple Piper contains a lot of improvements concerning the processing framework.
Purple Piper logo

cedar Black Queen (version 1.0, released October 31, 2012)

Black Queen is the first stable release.
Black Queen logo

cedar Yellow Jester (version 2.X, released November 7, 2013)

Yellow Jester features new and improved processing steps and a broad improvement of usability.
Yellow Jester logo Documentation for Yellow Jester

cedar Fire Witch (version 3.X, released January 31, 2014)

Fire Witch features a complete overhaul of the robotic and unit frameworks.
Fire Witch logo Documentation for Fire Witch

cedar Crimson King (version 4.0, released July 8, 2014)

Crimson King features full support of groups in cedar, accompanied by usability and performance improvements.

Crimson King logo Documentation for Crimson King, version 4.0.x

cedar Crimson King (version 4.1, released December 5, 2014)

We added the framework for experimental trials.

Crimson King logo Documentation for Crimson King, version 4.1.x

cedar Overdue Oud (version 5.0, released April 17, 2015)

We overhauled the use of looped triggers in the cedar GUI.

Overdue Oud logo Documentation for Overdue Oud, version 5.0.x

cedar Ludicrous Lute (version 6.X, upcoming release)

Ludicrous Lute will feature more robots!

cedar Ferocious Flute (version 7.X, upcoming release)

Ferocious Flute will feature annotated matrix dimensions.

Please visit our bitbucket page if you want to check out the latest source code from the repository.